Completion of the shell of the KITA Riegelsberg

For the hybrid building of the daycare center with a mixture of reinforced concrete and wood, the last roof elements could now be laid and the shell of the building thus completed.
The building has 2 offset floors, which results in a partial basement and a cantilever.
The foundation of the basement as well as the overhanging first floor was solved by means of high-ductility driven piles in connection with wall-like beams due to the poorly load-bearing subsoil. Therefore, the basement integrated into the slope was designed as a reinforced concrete structure.
The first floor is realized as a pure timber construction with BSP walls and BSP ceilings in visible quality.
IGS Ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG were allowed to take over all service phases of the structural design for this future-oriented building project for the children.




Topping-out ceremony for GSM 2 extension

In early summer, the shell of the extension to the Melsungen Comprehensive School was completed with the topping-out ceremony.
Here, a 3-story solid structure was connected to the existing school building.
The transition takes place on the upper floor via a bridge construction.
Architecturally, the new building is characterized by bright and open floor plans in combination with appealing exposed concrete surfaces.
IGS Ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG was allowed to be responsible for the structural design of another educational building.

Photo: © Dewert, Damai D.




New construction of fire and rescue station 3 in Kassel

Fire and rescue station 3 is being built in Kassel-Waldau by the summer of 2026, which will house not only the professional fire department and rescue service, but also disaster control and the volunteer fire department.
According to current statements, a total of around 60 million euros will be invested to ensure the critical infrastructure.
IGS Ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG are proud to be involved in the structural design and building physics of this important project.

Illustration: gwg projektentwicklungs GmbH © private




Ground-breaking ceremony, 2nd construction phase Arndtstrasse in Erfurt

For a long time, the groundwork for the Arndtstrasse in Erfurt was planned, discussed and rejected. Now the project is about to start.




Bridge Construction Symposium

This year's Dresden Bridge Construction Symposium was again an excellent event that brought together professionals from the bridge construction industry to discuss current developments and challenges. The symposium featured a wide range of presentations by renowned experts. Topics such as innovative design techniques, sustainable materials, digital design tools and effective maintenance strategies were in focus. The symposium continued to provide a platform for companies and organizations to present their innovative products, technologies and research projects in the field of bridge construction and to establish contacts. The informal talks and discussions during the breaks encouraged the exchange of experiences and the formation of new connections. We are already looking forward to the next Dresden Bridge Construction Symposium, where we will again have the opportunity to network with the best in the industry and share in the latest developments. For the German Bridge Construction Award 2023, among others, IGS Ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG was nominated in the category "Foot and Cycle Path Bridges" with the listed refurbishment of the Carl Alexander Bridge near Dornburg.







Construction progress of the ArternArena

The following construction progress has been achieved for the ArternArena:

- Glass facades installed

- Start of exterior plastering

- Start of impact walls

- Drywall construction, TGA in progress

- Railings in progress




Extended construction of the comprehensive school in Melsungen

- Ceiling above ground floor concreted

- Walls and columns largely as exposed concrete surfaces

- Bridge structure as connection to the existing structure is in preparation

- Topping-out ceremony after ceiling above ground floor




Ceremonial release of the bridge "Promenadendeck" in Erfurt

On december 16, 2022, after two years of construction, the handover of the pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Flutgraben and Stauffenbergallee, better known as the "Promenadendeck" in Erfurt took place. The official release was performed by Alexander Reintjes (Head of the Civil Engineering and Traffic Office), Matthias Bärwolff (Councillor for Construction, Traffic and Sports), Susanna Karawanskij (Thuringian Minister for Infrastructure and Agriculture), Dr. Tobias Knoblich (Councillor for Culture and Urban Development) and Mayor Andreas Bausewein.

The children of the AWO children's home "An der Schmalen Gera" danced for the opening guests despite the icy temperatures.

Services IGS: On-site construction supervision, production supervision steel construction, supplementary management




Review Building Construction Acquisition 2022

Once again, an exciting year characterized by exciting projects is drawing to a close.
In addition to the processing and realization of various projects from previous years, we were also able to look forward to new challenging projects.
Thus, we use the Christmas season to bundle new forces and to face the challenges of the new year 2023 full of energy:

- New construction of the KITA Rosbach-Rodheim
- New construction of the three-field hall in Wertheim
- New construction of the Everword elementary school in Warendorf
- New construction of fire and rescue station 3 in Kassel
- New construction of the elementary school in Grimma
- New construction of the university school in Dresden
- New construction of a three-field hall with classroom wing in Nauen
- New construction of a KITA and after-school care center in Dresden-Weixdorf
- New construction of the KITA in de Brinke in Warendorf
- New construction of a 4-field hall in stacked construction in Leipzig
- New construction of the Kreuzgrundschule in Dortmund
- New construction of a two-field hall in Borken
- New construction of the Pestalozzi elementary school in Koblenz
- New construction of the elementary school in Brockhagen